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As a child, I always enjoyed observing my surroundings. Watching people walk by, architecture, flowers, pretty or ugly, clean or messy, it didn't matter.

Later in life, I found myself falling in love with photojournalism.

I believe in capturing the moment "as is", finding beauty in everything that surrounds us. I'm attracted to very simple things, perhaps that's the true Japanese in me.        

... Tami Wada-Groeber


Tami was born in Kobe, raised in Tokyo, lived in California, Hawaii, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.  She has passion for learning different cultures, people, and food(!).

Tami's traveled and photographed more than 30 countries.  Some of the most memorable places she's been to are Morocco, Mongolia and Vietnam.  After studying photography at University of Hawaii, she's been working as a professional photographer for over 15 yrs.